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Spring is in the air and warmer weather is right around the corner. But everyone should always remember to be cautious of their relationships and what’s happening in them. Always remember there’s no time in your life when you can’t be affected by dating abuse, it can happen to everyone, even teenagers. Here are some of the facts behind dating abuse:

Between 10 and 38 percent of high school students have been victims of dating violence.

Among students who are currently dating, as many as 59 percents have experienced physical violence, and 96 percent have experienced psychological or emotional abuse.

Adults who use violence with their dating partners often begin doing so during adolescence, with the first episode typically occurring by age fifteen.

Young women between the ages of fourteen and seventeen represent 38 percent of those victimized by date rape.

Rapes by acquaintances account for 60% of all rapes reported to rape crisis training centers.

BOTH boys and girls are victims of abuse.

BOTH girls and boys are perpetrators of abuse.

Abuse almost always reoccurs in a relationship. It doesn’t just go away.

Most abuse gets more severe over time.

So just remember to always be aware of yourself and others while enjoying your time in the new warm weather of 2019.

And if you or someone close to you needs help, don’t be afraid to text 508-375-5144 or send a message on our teen website chatroom where you can talk to a counselor directly.