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Relationship Rights

You have rights within your relationship so that you remain happy and healthy as a couple, and as an individual.  No one deserves abuse, so know your rights!

Remember that you have a right to all of these things in a healthy relationship.  Keep in mind that these are also your relationship responsibilities to your partner as well!  Relationships need the effort of all parties to stay healthy

  • Be treated as an equal in the relationship
  • To be interacted with in a respectful and loving way
  • To have constructive, healthy conflict with your partner
  • To share your thoughts, feelings, and values without worrying about how your partner will respond
  • To suggest fun things to do together and to refuse suggested activities that don’t appeal to you
  • To advocate for yourself when you feel like your partner’s language or expressions are unfair, unhelpful, or hurtful to you
  • To state your opinions and have them be heard and held respectfully by your partner
  • To refuse physical touch by your partner at any time, for any reason
  • To have your emotional boundaries respected and valued by your partner
  • To have a life (friends, hobbies, activities, etc.) outside of your relationship
  • To leave the relationship
  • To have the privacy of your social media accounts, cell phone, and emails respected