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June is Men’s Health Awareness month and in 2020 the theme is a “Fresh Start”. At a time when we have spent the last few months staying at, or close to, home while having limited engagement with others this seems very appealing. 2020 is also the start of a new decade and an opportune time to re-evaluate how we value our health.

A 2019 Cleveland Clinic Survey found that 82% of men report trying to stay healthy and live longer for those who rely on them, yet only 50% engage in preventative care. Unfortunately, men and boys are generally less likely to be attentive to their physical and mental health than women and girls. Why is that? Some suggest that it is because society has created an image of men as tough, independent, and not in need of assistance from others. If you aren’t feeling well, are injured, or not in a good “head space” you just need to suck it up and push on through it. That supposedly is what being a man is.

The reality is that mindset and a lack of attention to their health has resulted in men experiencing about a 5 year less life expectancy than women. This is where preventative care is important in helping a person stay healthy. By having regular doctor’s appointments, teeth cleanings, eye exams and talking with others can help identify problems or concerns before they get to be major problems and concerns!

If one is in good physical condition and mental health it can help them be a better partner, boyfriend, husband, and father. When we are feeling good physically and mentally we can focus more and expend more energy in making our relationships better by being more supportive, caring and loving.

The month of June is a good time to evaluate what you are doing to keep yourself healthy. What immunizations, tests, exams should you have at your age? Put in place a plan for the year that will help you be the healthiest man you can be and hopefully realize the goal to stay healthy and live longer for those who rely on you.

For more information and resources go to:
https://www.cdc.gov/features/healthymen/index.html or https://www.menshealthmonth.org/