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Online Campaigns We Love



I’ve been directed to many interesting PSA’s, campaigns, and projects lately, done across the country to put a face to domestic and sexual assault.  I’ve outlined a few of my favorites below, but if you’ve seen or heard of others, email us!  We’d love to know what others are doing to spread the word.

In response to April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, you can take the pledge against sexual assault at It’s On  A recent commercial just aired from this organization including many celebrities who are passionate about ending sexual abuse, which you can view below.


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@nomoreorg is taking action with #30daysofSAAM.  Check them out on their website, instagram, or take your own photos and hashtag them #NOMORE, or #30daysofSAAM.

Though better late than never (in terms of us discovering it), a photographer named Ashley McCowan created a project for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October.  These photos featured survivors and the loved ones of victims, with quotes commonly heard in DV relationships.  She has a great Facebook page and website.  Feel free to show her some love if you support her work!
Cosmopolitan Magazine took it upon themselves to broadcast an anti-cyber bullying campaign on Instagram that was started by Tarte Cosmetics.  You can see some examples of the #KissandMakeup  here, or search the hashtag yourself to see how individual across the country raised awareness about cyberbullying.

These are just a few of the great awareness efforts out there to put a face to bullying, domestic violence, and sexual assault.  If nothing else, it helps bring people who are passionate about these issues in contact with those who are just learning about it, being exposed to it, or experiencing it for the first time.  As domestic violence and sexual assault have typically been topics that DON’T get discussed, I applaud these individuals and agencies for making some internet noise.  If you’d like to know how you can get involved in Sexual Assault Awareness Month or other causes supported by Independence House, call us, email us, live message us, or text us.