Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Do you have a friend who you’re concerned is in an unhealthy relationship?
Do you have questions about how to be a support to him/her?
You’re already on the right track by looking into ways to support your friend. 

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Be supportive and non-judgmental. Oftentimes abusers can isolate their partner, so being a support is important.
  • Listen. It can be hard to see a friend being abused by their partner but being there for your friend and acknowledging what they’re going through can make a difference.
  • Let your friend know you care about them.
  • Remind your friend that the abuse is not their fault. Abusers can manipulate their partners into believing the abuse is their fault.
  • Let your friend know they have a right to a healthy relationship. 
  • Remain safe. Be sure to keep yourself safe. Don’t intervene in your friend’s relationship or post about the relationship.
  • Connect your friend to resources. Help your friend find a resource, like IHTeens, that can assist them.

It’s ultimately up to your friend to determine how they want to proceed in their relationship. Being supportive of them regardless of what they decide will show them you care. If you or your friend has questions, reach out to an Independence House counselor via LiveMessage or Text (508-375-5144).