Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The letter every survivor needs to read

Much talk around the office this past week included the significant uproar in the recent sentencing of a Stanford student, accused of raping a girl last January on campus. Brock Turner was given a sentence of six months in jail, and a lifetime registering as a sex offender for the crime he committed. The rationale…
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This past week, I read a really interesting article written by UMass Amherst professor Lisa Aronson Fontes, PhD.  In it, she wrote about the concept of perspecticide.  Perspecticide is the idea that when you’re in a relationship with someone’s who’s controlling, manipulative, and coercive, they have this ability over time to stifle your uniqueness.  You start…
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Online Campaigns We Love

ONLINE CAMPAIGNS WE LOVE   I’ve been directed to many interesting PSA’s, campaigns, and projects lately, done across the country to put a face to domestic and sexual assault.  I’ve outlined a few of my favorites below, but if you’ve seen or heard of others, email us!  We’d love to know what others are doing…
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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (#SAAM)

April is all about recognizing that sexual assault occurs in our communities, schools, to our friends, and to people we know and love.  One in five women and one in six men has experienced sexual abuse at some point in their lifetime.  If you were to look around your classroom of 25 students and think…there’s no…
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Online Abuse in a Relationship

Regardless of your age, the school you attend, or where you live, it’s highly likely the internet is a major part of your life.  Whether you’re working on school projects using Google Docs, or Snapchatting with your friends, your day wouldn’t be the same without access to your phone, tablet, or computer.  As easy as it…
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Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

We are almost halfway through February, which we at IH celebrate as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.   Though this topic is something that is important to us EVERY month, we’ve taken a few extra steps to help increase awareness on Cape Cod this February.  A few things to know about #TDVAM: -the color representing TDVAM…
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Ways We Can Help

People are finding out about our services and coming to us for help—and that’s great.  That’s exactly why we’re here! Did you know that we are also in many high schools across the Cape? Ask me about the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) program and how to start it in your school. New to the…
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