All Apps should only be downloaded if it is safe. If you are in danger please call 911.

Circle of 6 – Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to quickly alert a friend that you needed help? The Circle of 6 app allows users to quickly notify 6 trusted contacts that help is needed. You can easily send your location, so that a friend can pick you up. If you are in an uncomfortable situation, you’re able to text a friend requesting they call you with just a click. You can even directly access information and national hotlines.

Aspire News – The app looks like a News App on the outside but when opened it includes information about local domestic violence resources and has a feature to alert a trusted contact that you need help. The app is available for the Iphone and Androids.

My Plan App – Do you have questions about how safe your relationship is? The My Plan App uses a research based assessment tool to determine if you’re at risk in your relationship. The App is anonymous and password protected.

OnWatch – Have you ever felt unsafe while walking through a college campus? This App allows you to program in your Campus Police contact information and contact them with just 2 clicks, along with other trusted contacts you choose. The App also includes a timer feature which will automatically notify your trusted contacts if you don’t deactivate the timer after it goes off. You can also let a friend know that you have made it to your destination safely.

Looking for more information about safety apps? Check out the National Network to End Domestic Violence App Safety Center.


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