January News Roundup 2017

An international edition of the News Roundup this month, with countries all over the world both creating and dissolving laws regarding domestic violence, as well as other national strides to help reduce sexual assault.

Backpage.com officially shuts down it’s escort and adult section, a part of the website commonly used for trafficking sexually exploited children.  Read more about what caused the shutdown and why some are opposed to it here.

Russia has recently decriminalized certain forms of domestic violence for first time offenders, making slapping and other minor forms of abuse not punishable by law.

In response to passengers being groped during flights, Air India came up with a creative solution to protect women flying with the airline.

China’s developed new laws against domestic violence, the first that the country has seen before.

Los Angeles’ Metro system is creating a hotline for commuters to report sexual harassment 24/7.   Though most subway systems in other states have some method for reporting sexual harassment, the LA Metro is the first hotline to have 24 hour live responders to assist victims.

-IH Teen Counselor

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