December News Roundup 2016

Below are a few news articles about domestic violence and sexual assault that caught our eye this month, and were too good not to share.  Unexpected heros and other states making great strides…here is our December News Roundup of 2016.


A UPS driver helped save a women held hostage by her husband by responding to a message she wrote on a package she handed him,  ultimately saving her life.  The women reported being beaten, held at gunpoint and that her husband had threatened to kill her.  Thankfully the UPS worker acted swiftly and accordingly to help remove her from the dangerous situation.


Starting in the Spring of 2017, Texas plans to implement an anti-violence/sexual assault curriculum in high schools called “Start the Conversation“.   Similar to the MVP program, Texas aims to utilize high school athletes to promote an anti-violence community within schools.  Watch a press release about this exciting idea here; we’re excited more students will be involved in changing the perception and frequency of abuse across our teen population!


Recently, a girl in Brooklyn, New York avoided being assaulted when the dog she was walking charged and bit her attacker, distracting him enough to allow both the girl and the dog to get away.  Apollo, the 5 month old puppy, had never shown any type of aggression prior to this attack, but sensed danger and saved Maya Fairweather from an attempted rape.


Starting January 1st, hairdressers in the state of Illinois will be required to take a one-hour course on domestic violence and sexual assault in order to keep and continually renew their license.  Though the stylists will not suddenly become mandated reporters, it has been recognized that many survivors often confide in these men and women, and they are often first to recognize or acknowledge signs of abuse.


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