With time off from school and more an more opportunities to spend time in the sand, we’ve been looking for books to read about dating violence in teen and young adult relationships.  Here are a few I’ve found so far that might be a necessary addition to your beach bag this summer:

Breaking Beautiful by Jennifer Shaw Wolf (2012).  A story about a girl who survives a car crash that takes the life of her boyfriend.  While most in her community believe it to be an accident, Allie believes that she was meant to be killed in the crash as well.   After quietly suffering through years of abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, the town begins to investigate the cause of the crash and take a closer look at Allie and the relationships around her…

Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnson (2016).  This is a story about a sexual assault survivor who then becomes pregnant as a result of being raped.  Reviews of this book reflect on how it’s a story of overcoming trauma, but not letting it define the main character as she finds herself again while navigating becoming pregnant by her abuser.

But I Love Him by Amanda Grace (2011).  An all-too-familiar story about a girl who meets a boy who seems damaged, and together they convince each other that she is the only one who can help ‘fix’ him.  A look at the ways emotional abuse can build over time, and how difficult it is to identify where the abuse is happening in a relationship.

The Way I Used To Be by Amber Smith (2016).  A story about dealing with and recovering from a sexual assault as the main character Eden goes through high school as a survivor of rape.


If you do pick up any of these reads, email us and let us know what you thought!  Happy Summer…

-IH Teen Counselor

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